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ShakeJ Bluelight Filter

Developer: ShakeJ

Try the 'ShakeJ blue light filter', which protects the eyes from the screen :)"Blue-light" means the light's blue columns that exist in wavelengths between 380-500 nanometers. If a long time to see a blue light is decreased visual acuity and sleep inducing hormone secretion is reduced, also disturb sleep.Easily block blue light!
- Blue Light reduction filter applied The decrease blue light filter is applied with just click - Calibrate the screen to the desired color Use the Color Picker, you can mitigate the screen for the yellow liquid crystal (LCD urine) - More than a dark screen brightness While lowering the brightness at night with a minimum can be darker
- After sunset, Before sunrise! it can automatically turn on after sunset, before sunrise :)
- Change Notification Style (Pro version) Can change notification image, title and description :)
It was developed to use the battery efficiently. Using the filter does not use a lot of battery.You can turn on and off more easily from the notification bar.
+ APK If you have downloaded and installed, and grant permission pop-up when the filter is applied to the button is not pressed. Because pop-up in the same layer as the filter. Please turn off a moment. I try search to troubleshooting.+ Support android 6.0 mashmellow + Support Android smartphone and tablet
Discover all the features enjoyed free! :)